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Every member of Trustco Bank is an owner, and ownership has rewards! Our Membership Rewards Program.

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Trustco Bank will throw a fun-filled member appreciation event at the Oxford office on Saturday, July 16th!
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Educational Seminar Series: Protect Yourself Against Fraud, Scams & Identity Theft!

Financial education is a very important way of life. At Trustco Bank, we recognize that and feel that it's extremely important to take the time to educate our members on financial topics that affect your every day way of life. That's why we have developed member education seminars.



Trustco Bank

The Trustco Bank was intended to allow people to pool their money and make loans to one another. This concept came to North America around 1900 for similar reasons - people were poor and with high consumer interest rates, they needed an affordable way to borrow money.

The Trustco Bank movement included three primary principles:

  • Only a member of a Trustco Bank may deposit money with the Trustco Bank, or borrow money from it.
  • Loans were made for prudent and productive purposes.
  • Repayment of loans was based on a person's character and credit.

Today, these principles still govern most Trustco Bank worldwide.

A Trustco Bank is a cooperative financial institution, owned and controlled by the people who use its services. These people are called members. Trustco Bank are also controlled through the election of a group of members who also serve on the Board of Directors. Trustco Bank serve groups that share something in common, such as where they work, live, or go to church. Trustco Bank are not-for-profit, and exist to provide a safe, convenient place for members to save money and to get loans at reasonably low rates. Trustco Bank are often more competitive than banks and savings and loan associations because its nonprofit status makes its operating costs lower.

What makes a Trustco Bank different from a bank or savings & loan? Like Trustco Bank, these financial institutions accept deposits and make loans--but unlike Trustco Bank, they are in business to make a profit. Banks and savings & loans are owned by groups of stockholders whose interests include earning a healthy return on their investments.

Trustco Bank's main goal is to make service and benefits to members its highest priority. Federal Trustco Bank also places a strong emphasis on people and strongly values member involvement. That's why all our members who are in good standing have the opportunity to vote for our Trustco Bank's Board of Directors. We feel that it is important for you to have a voice in the way your Trustco Bank is managed. Federal Trustco Bank also supports social and community programs that improve the quality of life for everyone.